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5 Healing Techniques for the Wandering Mind: Non-Traditional Meditations that Work

MeditationMany people naturally have trouble concentrating, but some may especially have a difficult time…


Do you ever find that you cannot concentrate? Possibly during your meditation practice you really struggle with staying mindful, or focused. Maybe you even avoid meditating all together, simply because it is a lot of work or discouraging when you constantly have to draw your attention back to the calming thought/mantra/etc. You may even find that you cannot stay on task during your day-to-day life. Well try these non-traditional meditation techniques. They really work well for people who cannot turn off their wandering minds! (The link below connects you to the Chopra Meditation Center. It is a great website for all things meditation/mind-body healing).

Source: Meditations for Vatas: 5 Healing Techniques for the Wandering Mind



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