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A Journey Through the Rainforest- Guided Meditation

This is a guided meditation that I wrote which takes you through the journey of finding a hidden paradise. Come relax while you experience and explore what this radiant rainforest has to offer.

By: Jen Boudreau

Lets begin by sitting in a comfortable position. If you find that laying down is more relaxing then please feel free to do so. This is your experience, your opportunity to tailor your meditation to you. Now take a moment to notice your breath. Do not change it, but just notice. Notice if it is fast or slow. Notice if it is deep or shallow. Are you breathing from your nose or are you breathing from your mouth? Just use this moment to notice where you are at. Where you are when beginning your journey.

Now take a moment to scan your body for areas of tension. Areas that may be tight or in pain. Be aware of the muscles in your face, the muscles in your forehead and jaw. Let these areas relax. Release the muscles in your throat and neck. Let go of the tension in your shoulders, allowing them to fall down and back. Let go of the tension in your upper arms, your lower arms and both hands. Let the negative energy flow from your shoulders, down your arms, and out of your fingers. Take a deep breath in and continue to relax your body. Relax your chest and ribs. Let your stomach rest and relax your lower back. Continue to breathe. Breathe deep down into your lungs and let your stomach and chest fill with air. Clean, fresh, purifying air. Now continue to rest your body. Be aware of your large muscles, your glutes and your thighs, front and back.  Relax your calves, and relax your feet. Let your arches rest, the soles of your feet be free of pressure. Allow the negative energy to flow right out from your toes. Take a deep breath of fresh air, cleansing your body, and let the negative energy, the stress and pressures of the day, flow from the crown of your head, down through your arms, core, and legs, and out your fingers and toes. Take a few moments to bask in this calmness, this restful place your body has found.

Now, lets go on a journey to find calmness and relaxation for your mind. Please follow me with your thoughts as we take a visual voyage through the rain forest. Image opening your eyes and seeing green, lush vines hanging down in front of you. All around you are vines. Vines that have no beginning and no end. You notice in front of you are some beautiful stone steps. There is no sign, but somehow you just know where to go. Your spirit is leading you to the path.Now, take a deep breath, and step down one, two, three steps. Now let your breath out and continue down, four, five, six. You breath in one last deep breath, filling your lungs, chest, and stomach, down the final few stone stairs you go. You look up from your feet and gaze ahead. Pure beauty is all you can find. Indescribable, fairytale-like beauty. You look to your left and see birds frolicking in the tall, tall trees. Brilliant blue and yellow birds. Radiant, orange tailed birds with wings larger than your arm span. They are chirping and singing songs of happiness and love. The music is so sweet you immediately feel joy from their tunes. Off to your right you notice thick, lush, trees. They stretch deep from the soft, moss-like ground, high into the endless blue sky. Emerald green. More rich than you could ever have imagined. In the distance you hear water. Water, lightly rushing down a small fall. You can hear the flowing water gently crashing into the stream below. You take a deep breath in; deep into your stomach, lungs, and chest. You push your way through the vast, luscious leaves and vines. Slowly, you begin to turn left, down a small cobblestone path. Again, there are no signs telling you which way to go; you are simply following your heart to your destination. You take a few steps more, realizing the waterfall is getting louder. You are getting closer. One slow glance ahead bears unimaginable beauty and calmness. You have found it, the source of the rushing water. The reason for your journey. You notice an oversized stone perfectly nestled near the stream, a few feet away from where the rushing water connects with the calm, flowing river. You sit down on the rock, a perfect fit for your body. You begin to breathe in deep. You feel the mist from the waterfall cleans your outside physical body. Cool, yet warming to the soul. You breath in deep, the clean, enchanting air that this magical place has to offer. Exhale, pushing the stressors of life out of your body. Enjoy another deep breath of blissful, angelic air. Fill your body and fill your soul. Now release your breath, relaxing your body and mind. Feel blessed with the experience that you have brought upon yourself. Take a few moments to just breathe. Explore your surroundings, explore your thoughts, explore what the universe has to offer.

Please join me again as we begin our way back. A feeling of sorrow may fall over you, however, it is important to realize that you can always find your way back. Now that you know this place of beauty exists, you can always return. These magnificent, colorful birds, luxurious emerald green trees that have no beginning and no end, and the calming, cleansing waterfall will always be here waiting for you. You rise slowly from your stone, and walk toward the cobblestone path. Through the thick trees, you push fan-like leaves to your left and long, thick vines to your right. Ahead, you see the birds, the radiant birds chirping and chattering away. Their song stays with you, their music of excitement and love. The song stays in your heart. As you continue you see the stone steps. Feeling relaxed and at peace, you now know that it is okay to take the path home. You breath in deep, and step up, one, two, three steps. Now you exhale and continue, four, five, six. One last, deep, breath is all that is needed. You rise up the final few, and then let free the last of the air in your lungs. Please open your eyes and rest peacefully. Absorb the benefits of your voyage. Allow your body and mind to delight in your experience. And please, remember this journey of exploration, love, and calmness as you continue throughout your day.


One comment on “A Journey Through the Rainforest- Guided Meditation

  1. Corder Collective
    January 28, 2020

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I used this script for a high school meditation today 🙂 I had my own rainforest music (with trickling water) and this was so perfect. I appreciate your gift!


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