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Mindfulness Activity

Here is a quick and simple, yet very effective, mindfulness activity to try daily. The goal is to bring awareness to your experiences and emotions with the intention of allowing that awareness to reduce stress and encourage acceptance. This acceptance is better known as radical acceptance. It is best described as letting go of fighting reality and accepting situations for what they are. This does not mean you approve of or like the situation, but is better explained by the idea that you are accepting what you cannot change.


Start by writing down your answers to the following questions:

1) What best describes your mood in this moment?
(angry, cheerful, down, guilty, happy, lonely, relaxed, satisfied, stressed, or something else?)

2) What else are you noticing in this moment? (Consider your mind, body, and environment)

3) In this moment, is there anything you are unable to control and are willing to accept as is? (Emotion, thought, environment, etc)

4) Being aware of your own personal values, what action can you take in this moment? Personal values my be compassion, honesty, relaxation, generosity, courage, wisdom, acceptance or any other value you may hold.

Using the following template, create a a statement of awareness and acceptance by inserting your personal answers into the sentences.

I notice myself feeling ______, and also notice _________. I accept the experience that __________. I am deciding to ______, with my values in mind.

I notice myself feeling down, and also notice I am tired and my head hurts. I am tired physically and emotionally I notice I am upset and this is all making me feel down. I accept the experience that I am at work and cannot leave. I am deciding to just close my eyes for a moment, with my values in mind.


Using this quick mindfulness activity daily can help to bring awareness to your mind, body, and experiences. Being mindful and accepting our experiences can help to reduce stress, improve concentration and awareness, and improve overall well being and success.


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