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Playlist: Meditation

Do you ever want to meditate, practice being mindful, or just relax but not know what music would be best?? That was one big problem I had when I started meditating. I often found that my mind wandered even when I was consciously trying to keep it focused. I realized that music (although distracting for some) managed to keep my mind in the here-and-now and allowed a good transition for my thoughts to go from the hectic, crazy life I live to the focused, calm feeling I often yearned for. So here it is… my meditation/relaxation playlist! I always find it necessary to start off with more up-beat tunes so that the transition from life is not too drastic; then I work my way into the slow, peaceful state of mind that helps soothe my mind, body, and soul.

1) Enya- Anywhere Is

2) Enya- Only If

3) Ryan Farish- If only

4) Ryan Farish- Full Sail

5) Enya- Only Time

6) Gallo- A Song for the Moon (Partial Version)

7) Ryan Farish- Walk with you

8) Adiemus- Adiemus

9) Celtic Spirit- Celtic Spirit Medley

10) 2002- Even Now

11) Wedwyn Goodall- Neptune Rising

12) Wedwyn Goodall- Celestial Peace

13) Paul Cardall- Sacred Nature

14) 2002- Suddenly Yours




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