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Lack of Compassion

“there is definitely supporting scientific evidence to back up the claims about the physical and emotional benefits of compassionate states of mind… For example, you could point out that lack of compassion leads to a certain ruthlessness. There are many examples indicating that at some level deep down, ruthless people generally suffer from a kind of unhappiness and discontent, people like Stalin and Hitler. Such people suffer from a kind of nagging sense of insecurity and fear. Even when they are sleeping I think that sense of fear remains…All that might be very difficult for some people to understand, but one thing you could say is that these people lack something that you can find in a more compassionate person- a sense of freedom, a sense of abandonment, so when you sleep you can relax and let go. Ruthless people never have that experience. Something is always gripping them, there is some kind of hold on them, and they aren’t able to experience that feeling of letting go, that sense of freedom.”

– Howard C. Cutler, M.D. pg. 122



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